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Tons O' Links

Molly Shannon Superstar - Lots of info, photos, links, and STUFF provided here.  Definitely worth a look!!  

Kirsty's Molly Shannon page - Another really good personal site dedicated to Molly. Worth a visit.

Molly Shannon 1 - Links, photos, and lots of other information at this site.  

Molly Shannon Kicks Butt - Has a link, some photos, and a yahoo club.

Moviething Biography - Interesting Biography includes a filmography and one Molly face shot

Cranky Critic Superstar Interview - Includes 4 photos of Molly as Mary

IMDb Filmography - Includes a very extensive list of movie and television appearances by Molly

Chillin' With Molly Shannon - personal site by Becca. Has a rather thorough collection of Molly's lines from the movies she's been in and has multimedia and interactive links as well. Definitely worth a visit!

Molly Shannon is God - personal site, very confusing, very little if any info about Molly, couple of pictures and tons of quotes by other people

Keri's Molly Shannon Site - Personal page dedicated to Molly. Has a photo page, snl cast info page, and a few links to Molly related sites.

Molly Rox SNL - Yahoo club dedicated to Molly Shannon. "The most popular Molly club on the web!"

Are You A Catholic School Girl? - Check out this list by Alexis that will let you know if you meet the criteria! It made me laugh so I'd take a peek if you get a chance. (note: Be sure to use the Back button on your browser, not the back link that's on the School Girl page to get back here.)